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Welcome to exchange eGoldOne

Through our website you can quickly and easily buy or sell your gold investment.

Do not have an overview of the market?   We will provide perfect information.

Invest in gold and scantily since 60 EUR month. Your request funds to pay out immediately back to your bank account. After registration use our internal Exchange to buy at the lowest prices! 


The idea of our company 

eGoldOne provides private investors from around the world access to markets in the precious metals. You can benefit from lowest cost to the purchase, sale and storage of gold and silver.

Enables natural persons to obtain an easy way to investment gold and silver. 

The gold and investmens 

Gold was probably the first metal that prehistoric man processed. Brilliant luster, color, and its magnetic shaping the relative modesty caught beating him so much that gold has excellent processing and business article. Later, the gold is smelted and separated from the silver alloy used in the form.

Gold influenced the destinies of people and nations, trade and monetary system development since biblical times, was a symbol of power, aroused passions. The story begins with an obsession with gold magical, religious and artistic role of gold coinage continues and converting the money, culminating gold standard. 

With the entry into the EU customs and falling foreign exchange restrictions, reporting requirements and the gold is exempt from VAT.



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